Readers Feedback

I have decided to share some of the stuff I get from readers.  This is, of course,with the approval of the said reader. The reader who started reading from my first book is Rich Sankovich. He sent me a bunch of questions which I answered.  He thought I might like to share them.

Here they are:


So, tell us author of many a fine read, How do you do it?

How many words per day do you try to write?
Does your artist begin working on the cover of your book as soon as the next title is chosen?
Does your computer do the spell and grammar check, or does me lady still read and correct for ye?
Is it hard to write in first person for each of the characters?
Is there any news on the audio book rights yet?
When do you begin to research the material for the title of your next book?
How much time is pre-work for a book before you start the writing process?
We know how you begin as far as next in the series, but how do you plan the ending of each book and or decide whether a sequel is in order?
The covers are the hardest thing to plan- my design  company took a two week holiday at Christmas! I now come up with a title and then get them to design it while I am still planning the novel. I need to give them two titles: one for the next Anarchy and then Norman Genesis.
Spellcheck from computer, edit from me, spell check by computer, edit by Eileen then last spellcheck by the computer.
1st person is the easiest way to right.  It means what you see is what you get. It is easier to have surprises.
Commando has been out in Audio format since December- it is only available in the US and I am not certain how many they will sell.  

The research is easy for an existing series but I intend to start one about the Normans with Hrolf as a new character.  That will take about two hours a day for a couple of weeks.  i do that after I have finished my quota.
In terms of en ending for each book that is determined by what my characters do.  I have a plot in mind for every book but things happen in the books which sometimes change them. I have to re read the last third of every book before I start the next one in the series.
If you are happy for me to share anything with my readers then do let me know.