Leader of men

Book four of the series based on the historical Sir John Hawkwood who went from tailor’s apprentice to archer to man-at -arms to mercenary captain and here the leader of the most successful mercenary army in Italy during the 14thC.
Battles, betrayal, defeat and battles and skirmishes won, Sir John is learning all the time as as he and his men grow from a company to an army that hires itself to who ever offers the most money whilst, surprisingly, stays loyal to their employer till the end of their contract.
Yet another brilliant read.
Hawkwood is now in his 40s and feeling his age and yet his greatest successes are not till his 60s, so more books in teh series to come.
Think it is all exaggerated? Read “Hawkwood” by Frances Stonor Saunders and you will find that what author, Grif Hosker, has done is bring the man to life!

Geoff Boxell Goodreads