Tales from the Sword Book Two

I have many modern stories with untold elements: Bert Harsker, Colonel SInclair, Squadron leader Harsker and Lucky Lady. This book contains a series of short stories about those characters as… Read more

The Battle for France

  The next book in the struggle for a crown series is out at the end of January. The Battle of Agincourt should have secured the crown for King Henry… Read more

Man at Arms: The Battle of Poitiers

The sequel to the first in the Sir John Hawkwood series, Crecy, will be published on Boxing Day (26th of December for my American readers). The battle of Poitiers is… Read more

The Vengeance Trail

This is a book which bridges both the New World and Dragonheart series. It allowed me to finish Dragonheart by referencing Sámr Ship Killer. I thoroughly enjoyed writing the book… Read more

The Lord of Valencia

This is the last book in the series and as there was so much to pack into it, the book is 25% longer than most of my books. It can… Read more

Forthcoming Books

Here is alist of what I plan to write over the coming months. St Crispin and The Archer’s Crusade are written. War in the West is half written. They may… Read more

St Crispin’s Day

The story of the Southampton Plot, the Harfleur Campaign and the Battle of Agincourt. Once again Will Strongstaff has to help a King but this king is one worth following…. Read more

Crécy: The Age of the Archer is doing well

My latest book, Crécy: The Age of the Archer, is doing well Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #207 Paid in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store) #2 in Action… Read more

Crécy: The Age of the Archer

I came across Sir John Hawkwood whilst researching something else. I made a note of his name and when I had a quiet moment between novels I started to research… Read more

Author Reading!

Bloody Badajoz

I have just finished the latest Napoleonic Horseman book, Bloody Badajoz. As my regular readers will know I am working my way through the Peninsular War and it is now… Read more


Who would have thought, just a few months ago that the world would be on lockdown? I hope you are all keeping safe. For a writer, self-isolation can be considered… Read more