Paperback updates

Here are the links for my first two paperbacks.

Revenge of the Franks

I have just published The Revenge of the Franks. It is set in Normandy when Hrolf and the clan are trying to establish their new home.  They meet fellow minded… Read more


I do not know whether to be flattered or annoyed but someone has published a Kindle book with the title Viking Slave  – it is set in the ninth century… Read more

Viking Slave

I am just starting to publish all of my books in paperback.  The first is Viking Slave. The next will be English Knight and that should be available in a… Read more

Viking Witch

This is the fifteenth book in the series.  Ylva, the granddaughter of the Dragonheart is almost a woman. Taken to Syllingar she is placed under a spell by Skald, the… Read more


I have just finished Kingmaker.  It is the latest in the Anarchy series.  It has been fascinating researching this book.  The facts I discovered were even stranger than the fiction… Read more

The Battle for a Home

In this third instalment of the series tragedy strikes the clan forcing them to rethink their lives.  With internal divisions and strife the clan is in danger of disintegrating. It… Read more

Literary Agent

As I have nearly sold 500,000 books, all electronic, I thought it time I moved into print.  If anyone knows of an agent looking for an author of historical fiction,… Read more

August Blog

I have had some requests for information about my books.This is Scout- my daughter’s dog.  She has appeared in a number of books.  She is in the Saxon series and… Read more

Viking Enemy

I have just published Book 14 in the Dragonheart series. Now that his son is dead Jarl Dragonheart fears for his family even more and when enemies come from north,… Read more

Warlord’s War

I am publishing book 75 today.  it is in the Anarchy series and charts the darkest days of the fight against King Stephen.  The book covers the rout of Winchester… Read more


I have just published Book 2 in the Norman Genesis series.  As readers will realize, Hrolf, the hero of the series is not the warrior, Rollo, who eventually founds Normandy but… Read more