Castles and Maps


I have decided to put the castles I have visited here on my website.


What a forgotten gem this is! Built as a motte and bailey by King William it is still awesome and, so far as I can discover was so strong as to remain a royal castle until it evolved into a hunting lodge. The Motte is built on a stone and the wood replaced by stone.

This first one is a reconstruction of the castle as it was in its heyday.


This is Middleham- Richard III’s castle and a wonderful castle and town to visit!





Barnard Castle






The readers of my audio books have asked me for maps. As you will appreciate, this will take time. I have begun with  St Crispin’s Day  (Struggle for a Crown series).


Northern France

The Battle of Agincourt

The Battle for France

France in the early 15th Century


Battle of Vernuil


The Battle of Waterloo


Tudor Warrior

This is eclectic but as I have just finished Tudor Warrior (due out in 2022) I will put the maps up already. Believe me with more than 156 novels finding what you need can be a night mare.

The borders 1497

England in 1497

France 1496