War in the West

Series information: Border Knight • 10

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King Henry has need of a sword to help him recover land taken by the Prince of Wales! And he looks to the north and the border knights who have served him so well. Now that Sir Thomas is becoming too old for war, Sir William is chosen to lead the knights of the Tees south to the wild lands of Gwynedd. This time, Sir William finds himself the target of enemies as yet unknown and he and his son, Dick, are placed in the greatest of danger as they seek to complete a clandestine mission for King Henry. After the King suffers a humiliating defeat, it is left to young Sir Henry Samuel to save the beleaguered English army from complete disaster but it is not without a cost and as usual, it is the men of the north who pay the price for a King’s mistakes. Chronicling the actual events of 1245 and 1246.