The Vengeance Trail

Series information: Dragonheart •

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The very last story from the Dragonheart family!
Sámr Ship Killer has been rescued but that is only half the story for his family has been taken as hostages to Norway. Without any ships, he is helpless to find them and then the sisters begin to spin. Erik Black Toe, who carried the standard for the Dragonheart returns with news. The family is found but in dire straits and cruelly treated by Uddulfr the Sly. The Clan of the Fox comes to the aid of the wolf once more and Fótr, along with Ebbe and Bear Tooth, sail ‘Gytha’ across the seas to Norway.
Sámr and his young crew go not only to rescue Aethelflaed and her children but also to wreak vengeance on the Norse who devastated the Land of the Wolf. They have taken their first steps on the deadly, Vengeance trail. Once begun there is no turning back. You succeed or you die!