Drekar on the Seine

Series information: Norman Genesis • 9

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Lord Göngu-Hrólfr Rognvaldson is now Lord of Rouen but his world is still imperfect. He has no son and the prophesy made by the Norns cannot come true. Hrolf the Horseman suggests they visit a witch and they travel to the Land of the Wolf where they meet the Dragonheart’s daughter Ylva. She spins a spell and the fate of both Hrolf the Horseman and his grandson is decided. The journey to Paris would be along a bloody one. Those dear to Lord Göngu-Hrólfr Rognvaldson would suffer but the spell had been woven and the end would be inevitable. The Vikings would fill the Seine with their dragon ships and the dream of Hrolf the Horsemen would be one step closer to fulfillment.