Top Series

Published on Monday 7th February 2022 by Griff Hosker

During a reflective moment after finishing my last book and before beginning Leader of Men, the new John Hawkwood book I did some number crunching. I worked out the average number of book sales and then ranked them to find out my most successful series. The number in brackets is the number of books in the series.

  1. Anarchy (20)
  2. Lord Edward’s Archer (4)
  3. Aelfraed (3)
  4. Dragonheart (23)
  5. Sir John Hawkwood (3)
  6. Border Knight (11)
  7. New World (5)
  8. Saxon (10)
  9. Norman Genesis (11)
  10. British Ace (7)
  11. Struggle for a Crown (8)
  12. Combined Operations (9)
  13. The Sword of Cartimandua (14)
  14. Napoleonic Horseman (10)
  15. El Cid (3)

There will be mathematicians out there who can make sense of it. I suspect that the older series such as Aelfraed that only had 3 books and still sell will have a better average than, say Struggle which is a newer series and as the latest book The Last Knight was only published in September then the average will be down. The series in bold are all finished and will not be added to.

I hope you found this interesting.