Published on Wednesday 20th July 2022 by Griff Hosker

This is a post I should have written some time ago- apologies.

A few years ago readers began to send me emails asking me to produce books on the Apple Platform. My son investigated and found out that Smashwords gave us the largest audience. Consequently, over the years we have begun to produce Smashwords versions of my books. I still sell more on Amazon but the readers who buy from Smashwords like that platform.

There is a caveat for any writer who uses Amazon. If your book is on KDP unlimited then you cannot publish elsewhere while it is in the 90 day window. In addition, Amazon price matches and that means that if, for example, you sell your book on Smashwords in Paraguay and that price is lower than on Amazon then they price match.

Amazon’s figures are useful but I have a better picture of where my books are sold on Smashwords. The market covers most of the world and your books could be sold in America or in Guinea-Bissau- you would never know.

I hope this is useful and to those who like Apple platform then eventually every one of my books will be on Smashwords. I rarely use KDP unlimited.

Books now available on the Smashwords platform

Housecarl Book 1

Outlaw Book 2

Varangian Book 3


Saxon Dawn Book 1
Saxon Revenge Book 2
Saxon England Book 3
Saxon Blood Book 4
Saxon Slayer Book 5
Saxon Slaughter Book 6
Saxon Bane Book 7
Saxon Fall: The Rise of the Warlord Book 8
Saxon Throne Book 9
Saxon Sword Book 10


Viking Slave Book 1
Viking Warrior Book 2
Viking Jarl Book 3
Viking Kingdom Book 4
Viking Wolf Book 5
Viking War Book 6
Viking Sword Book 7
Viking Wrath Book 8
Viking Raid Book 9
Viking Legend Book 10
Viking Vengeance Book 11
Viking Dragon Book 12
Viking Treasure Book 13
Viking Enemy Book 14
Viking Witch Book 15
Viking Blood Book 16
Viking Weregeld Book 17
Viking Storm Book 18
Viking Warband Book 19
Viking Shadow Book 20
Viking Legacy Book 21
Viking Clan Book 22
Viking Bravery Book 23


1914 Book 1
1915 Fokker Scourge Book 2
1916 Angels over the Somme Book 3
1917 Eagles Fall Book 4
1918 We Will Remember Them Book 5
From Arctic Snow to Desert Sand Book 6
Wings Over Persia Book 7


English Knight Book 1
Knight of the Empress Book 2
Northern Knight Book 3
Baron of the North Book 4
Earl Book 5
King Henry’s Champion Book 6
The King is Dead Book 7
Warlord of the North Book 8
Enemy at the Gate Book 9
The Fallen Crown Book 10
Warlord’s War Book 11
Kingmaker Book 12
Henry II Book 13
Crusader Book 14
The Welsh Marches Book 15


Commando Book 1
Raider Book 2
Behind Enemy Lines Book 3
Dieppe Book 4
Toehold in Europe Book 5
Sword Beach Book 6
Breakout Book 7
The Battle for Antwerp Book 8
King Tiger Book 9
Beyond the Rhine Book 10


Sword for Hire Book 1
Return of the Knight Book 2
Baron’s War Book 3
Magna Carta Book 4


Blood on the Crown Book 1
To Murder A King Book 2
Blood on the Blade Book 1
Across the Seas Book 2

Castilian Knight Book 1


The Dragon Sword Book 1