Research Trips

Published on Monday 1st April 2024 by Griff Hosker

I have now booked two research trips and I am buzzing about both of them. In September I am taking the Rocky Mountaineer from Vancouver to Toronto. I have been to Canada before but I need to see the places that you can only see either on foot or from a train. I have wanted to set a book in the Rockies after watching such films as True Grit, Jeremiah Johnson and Man in the Wilderness.

The second trip is in November when I will be going on the Ben Kane-led trip to Naples and Italy. I’m Spartacus: Campania & Rome.  I love Ben’s work and having met him before I am really excited. My first series was The Sword of Cartimandua, set around Hadrian’s Wall. I intend to write a new series but in, for me, the more unfamiliar territory of Italy. The trip will also help me to polish up my Condottiere series as well as provide more information for other books set in the region.