Lord Edward’s Archer returns in The Hunt

Published on Thursday 19th October 2023 by Griff Hosker

My next book is another instalment in the Lord Edward series. It follows Wallace’s War, and the two books reflect the film’s content, Braveheart. The difference is that my books are a realistic account to the war of Scottish Independence rather than a vanity project for Mel Gibson. The inaccuracies in the film are legion. Mel Gibson is a short actor and yet he portrays a giant of a man who wields a two handed sword with ease. They had him as a highlander when in fact he came from Dumfries and Galloway in the borders. The film would have us believe he was a great general when in fact his only success in battle came about because of the other Scottish general, Andrew Moray(Murray) who died of his wounds. When Wallace next met the English in battle, at Falkirk, he was soundly defeated. When he rampaged through the north of England he could not take Carlisle, Bowes Castle thwarted him and Newcastle laughed off his attempts at taking it.

The Hunt is fictional. Wallace fled, after Falkirk, to France where he tried to enlist French help. He is also alleged to have gone to Rome. I used these nuggets of information to weave a story about Gerald Warbow hunting him down.

Wallace was betrayed, in the end, by a Scotsman. The Hunt ends when the threat of Wallace is no more.

There will be another book in the series. The working title is The Prince and the Archer but that may change. It portrays the new king, Edward II and the early days of his disastrous reign. The hero of my books, Gerald Warbow will face his sternest test in that book which will be out in late 2024.