Castilian Knight

Published on Monday 14th October 2019 by Griff Hosker

On October 20th I publish the first in my Reconquista series, Castilian Knight. I am excited about this project as the film, made in the 1960s with Charlton Heston in the lead was one of my favourites. I spent four months researching the legend and discovered that the film, in true Hollywood style, managed to get most things wrong. In the film Heston is seen as a sort of older advisor to the warring brothers. In reality, he was younger. He fights and kills the father of his wife. Nothing could be further from the truth. However, the truth and the reality were even more impressive than the Hollywood version. El Cid (he was only called that after his death) was a true champion and defeated the champions of other kings. He fought fifteen men in one battle and they fled him! He fought for Moors and Muslims. That aspect of his life was not in evidence in the film. They showed El Cid with Moorish leaders.

I envisaged a three-book series but it may be longer.

Those of you who have read my books will know my style. The life of Rodrigo de Vivar is seen through the eyes of his armiger, shield-bearer, Will. I have created the character for when Rodrigo went into exile he went with just one or two men.  This also means that I can continue the story after Rodrigo dies.

Rodrigo de Vivar was born in 1043 and died in 1099 but his story continued for three years after his death thanks to his wife, Jimena.

I hope you will enjoy this journey with me.

I also love the covers which Design for Writers have produced.  Let me know what you think of them!