Book Figures

Published on Monday 8th May 2017 by Griff Hosker

Last week my Crusader book  reached #2 on the Amazon Hot Fiction charts.  It got me thinking about the sales of my books.

Sword of Cartimandua Series -62,574 books sold

Housecarl Series- 28,270 books sold

Saxon (Wolf Warrior) Series – 69,634 books sold

American Civil War Series 11,730 books sold

Napoleonic Horseman Series -21,766 books sold

Dragonheart Series -154,204 books sold

British Ace Series – 40,219 books sold

Anarchy Series -126,338 books sold

Combined Operations series -56,582 books sold

Norman Genesis Series – 32,349

Total Book Sales (as of the end of April) 603,958

Thanks to all my readers for their comments and support. I read every e-mail and try to reply to as many as possible.

I am busy with ‘Across the Rhine’, my latest in the Combined Operations Series.


The next book will be ‘Ragnvald Hrolfsson’  in the Norman Genesis Series