I was born in 1950 in Lancashire and attended a boy’s grammar school. After qualifying as an English and Drama teacher in 1972, I worked in the North East of England for the next 35 years. During that time I did write, mainly plays, pantos and musicals for the students at the three schools in which I worked.

When I stopped teaching I set up my own consultancy firm and worked as an adviser in schools and colleges in the North East of England. The financial crash of 2010 ended that avenue of work and in 2010 I found that I had time on my hands; having started work at the age of 15 I found the lack of work not to my liking and used the time to research the Roman invasion of Britain and begin to create a novel.  The result was The Sword of Cartimandua.

My decision to begin writing was one of the best I have ever taken.

All the books I write are owned by Sword Books Ltd and the copyright to all the books belongs to Sword Books. They are published through Amazon or Endeavour Quill and any other editions are not legitimate. If you find such a copy then please let me know.